Whisk Yourself Away to Sunnier Days with our Winning Norfolk Day Cocktail

Back in July this year, we asked you lovely lot to come up with a cocktail that celebrated the fine county that inspired our award-winning Coastal Gin.

Over 100 entries (and a lot of cocktail sampling!) later, Lauren Clarke’s Norfolk Sunset Spritz cocktail was chosen as our winning tipple.

The dark Norfolk skies have been settling in over the past few weeks, but Lauren’s bright and aromatic Norfolk Sunset Spritz immediately whisked us away to brighter and sunnier days.

If these cloudy skies are getting you down a little, we recommend giving this top-notch tipple a go!

Nrfolk Sunset Spritz

Norfolk Sunset Spritz



  1. Fill a balloon glass with a handful of ice.
  2. Add the Bullards Coastal Gin, soda and Prosecco.
  3. Using the rosemary sprig, gently stir to combine and then add to the mix.
  4. Garnish with a slice (or two) of orange

Top tip: This cocktail is best served immediately against the backdrop of one of Norfolk’s breathtaking sunsets.

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