Bullards x Parravani’s Gin Sorbet

This summer we at Bullards took part in a really exciting collaboration to create something truly unique by teaming up with another Norfolk heritage brand, Parravani’s ice cream. With over 300 years of combined history, we have created a wonderfully refreshing premium Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin sorbet, bringing the taste of summer.

This delicious sorbet is 3.7%ABV so has a little alcoholic kick! It has been a really inspiring zero waste project as Parravani’s collect our gin soaked strawberries left over from our distillation process.

Parravani’s ice cream was founded in 1898 and is one of the oldest independent makers of ice cream in the United Kingdom and Bullards was founded in 1837, supplying a range of beers, wines and spirits to the East of England. This collaboration is therefore a celebration of two iconic Norfolk brands, drawing on our history but bringing something new with a very modern appeal.

The sorbet was launched at The Royal Norfolk Show in late June and is currently available in all delis and farm shops, bars and restaurants. For more details and to place an order contact Parravanni’s @link.


You can buy our Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin online today.