Old Tom Gin

A traditional, slightly sweet style of gin distilled with pink pepper, vanilla pods & a Bullards Spirits twist with Norfolk honey & fresh mango. Infused with demerara sugar, this gin has a light golden hue. A great sipping gin or perfect for sweet cocktails.

Sweet | Warm | Rich

42.5% ABV

Botanical & Tasting NotesPerfect Serves & Cocktails

Botanicals & Tasting Notes

A modern take on the classic Old Tom style, Norfolk honey and fresh mango is used in our distillation process to give the gin its delightfully golden hue.

These sweet, honeyed flavours then lead into notes of pink pepper, black pepper and cassia, which all add warming spice.

Plenty of fresh grapefruit peel lends the gin a subtle dryness while the honey and vanilla gives it a lovely, sweet finish.

Slightly sweeter than our London Dry, Old Tom is a perfect drink for those who are dipping their toes in the juniper-rich waters or are looking to transition from flavoured gins onto more traditional styles.

Old Tom is the perfect sipping gin to enjoy straight on the rocks. Mixed with tonic, the lemon and grapefruit really shine through.

Lead Botanicals

Juniper, Norfolk Honey, Mango, Vanilla Pods, Pink Pepper, Demerara Sugar

Perfect Serves & Cocktails

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