A Unique Gin Bottle Inspired by the Past but Made for the Future

Bullards Spirits has been anchored in Norwich since 1837. We wanted a signature gin bottle to reflect that heritage whilst giving more than a nod to our love for innovation and sustainability. 

The result was our Bottle for Life, an award-winning design that marries the best of past and future. It’s also lovely to look at, incredibly giftable and designed to be reused again and again. 

Welcome to the story of Norwich’s most intriguing gin bottle.

An impressive history

It’s getting towards the mid-1800’s. Queen Victoria is on the throne and Norwich has become a well-known centre for textile production. Who could have known that when Richard Bullard opened the Anchor Brewery it would be inspiring drinks manufacture over six generations later?

Of course, Bullards Spirits looks very different now in comparison. Back then the brewery’s main export was actually beer, not handcrafted gin, and while the Anchor did sell wines and spirits, they were all imported. 

In 1963 the Anchor Brewery was taken over, closed and remained derelict for two decades before finally being demolished. Redeveloped into residential housing, the original brewery was gone. Or so it seemed. 

Russell Evans had worked with Bullards in the 1980’s. Retiring from a career in brand management and advertising he was looking for a new challenge.  He reconnected with John Bullard, a descendant of the original brewery founder, to open Norwich’s first distillery in over 150 years. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bullards Spirits stands for the past revived and reimagined. It stands for innovation, impeccable quality and the best-tasting gin around. But it also stands for a deep affinity for Norwich and the folks that live there. Russell devised the trademark “The Spirit of Norwich’ to reflect all that’s great about the city and its people and you’ll find this proudly sitting on the front of every gin bottle.

From iconic chimney to iconic gin bottle

The landmark chimney at Bullard’s Anchor Brewery dominated the Norwich skyline for decades. It represented pride in the city’s industry and when it was finally taken apart, brick by brick, emotions ran high.  It seemed then a very fitting inspiration for the tall, slender neckline of our very own gin bottle. Designed by elite packaging specialists Stranger & Stranger, Bullards original heritage beer bottles also inspire the bottle’s outline.

Still, there’s nothing old-fashioned about this gin bottle. We’ve embossed the design directly to make sure it can be rinsed and refilled with no need to recycle. After all, recycling is better than landfill but reusing is even better. 

On the front of each gin bottle you’ll also find our Tipsy Anchor. It’s another reference to our history, a symbol tipped on its side to reflect the contemporary twist we’re bringing to handcrafted gin. 

Our bottle may have the past at heart but it looks towards creating the most sustainable future. 

The perfect gin gift set

Take an award-winning, handcrafted gin, put it in an award-winning, sustainable bottle and match it with some equally lovely treats. We reckon that makes a gin gift set that’s pretty much perfect.

The press and those in the know agree. In 2020 the Spirits Business Awards recognised us for Innovation in packaging and we won no less than 6 Global Gin Guide Awards across our product range in 2019. 

Bullards Spirits has been featured everywhere from YOU magazine to the Daily Mail, showcasing our unique and innovative approach to premium, small batch production every step of the way.

Although things look very different to the original Anchor Brewery, Bullard Spirits is still at the heart of Norwich, distilling by hand at the Tipsy Anchor Distillery. 

Richard Bullard, we hope we’re doing you proud. 

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