A World-Changing Sustainable Gin That Puts the Planet in Safe Hands

At Bullards Spirits, making the most sustainable gin we can isn’t just a short-term plan – it’s woven through every part of our culture. 

So far we’ve pioneered an award-winning Eco-Refill Pouch. We’ve looked at every way possible to reduce waste and significantly cut our carbon footprint. And in a global pandemic we adapted to making hand sanitiser to keep frontline workers in East Anglia safe. 

Bullards Spirits is at the forefront of sustainable innovation without sacrificing any of the impeccable quality, style and taste we’re renowned for. Here’s what we’re doing and why we think it’s so important. 

The Pioneers of Sustainable Gin

The Bullards Bottle for Life is an absolute beauty. It’s a lovely looker and you can use it time and time again. So why would we go to the lengths of shipping gin in a pouch?

A single glass bottle takes a lot of energy to produce and recycle. It’s heavy too, which means the burden is bigger when it comes to shipping and costly in terms of CO2. We decided to cut down on the glass and cut down the toll on the environment at the same time. Reusing is even better than recycling which is why we love our customers to keep their bottle for life.

Our Award-Winning Eco-Refill Pouch

Our Eco-Refill Pouches launched in February 2020 and we work hard to make sure they get recycled responsibly. 

Did you know that two thirds of all plastic waste in the UK that goes to recycling doesn’t actually end up being recycled?  The partner we work with diverts tonnes of plastic from landfill each month which is why we supply every one of our pouches with a printed freepost label. You can send it straight back to us at the distillery and we’ll pass it on to make sure it’s properly recycled. 

It’s such a simple way to make a massive difference and so easy too. You don’t even need an envelope or stamp to send your pouch back, just pop it into any Royal Mail box and it will find its way back to us. 

Of course, the other great reward of receiving gin in a pouch is that it fits through your letterbox, even when you’re not at home. It’s an innovative solution that’s great for customers, great for us and great for our glorious planet.:

Believers in Gin Innovation 

In our quest to make sustainable gin, we’ve put innovation at the heart of Bullards Spirits. When the pandemic hit we wanted to join the national effort and support our local community, frontline workers and employees. 

We knew that we had the expertise and passion in-house to start making hand sanitiser and jumped straight to the challenge. Founder Russell Evans quickly brought the team together to talk about how we could use ethanol to make hand sanitiser and our Head Distiller got straight to work on the WHO’s recommended recipe.

Every team member played their part, sourcing materials and ingredients, helping and supporting with enquiries and prioritising orders. This was The Spirit of Norwich at its finest and a proud moment in our history with innovation and commitment leading the way. 

We’ve since produced over 12,000 litres of hand sanitiser and given over 100 litres away to key workers and vulnerable people. We’ve also built great relationships with national and local distilleries and shared our knowledge. Whilst none of this has been to make a profit, it meant that none of our staff were furloughed during the first lockdown and could continue coming to work. 

Our Distinguished Sustainable Gin

In 2019 we were honoured to gain an award for sustainability at the Global Gin Guide Awards. The following year we were recognised for innovation in packaging by The Spirits Business Awards. 

Although achievements like this mean the world to us, Bullards Spirits is only just beginning in terms of sustainability and innovation. When it comes to making premium, sustainable gin and changing the way we live for the future, we’ve got our sights set on the long term. So won’t you join us for a sustainable tipple? Discover our Eco-Refill Pouches here.

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