A Sustainable Christmas at Bullards Spirits

At Bullards, we are making a big commitment towards sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. As most of you are aware, we launched our award-winning Eco-Refill Pouches last year as part of our Eco Project; a forward-thinking packaging solution aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and reducing waste.

Whilst we’re making great waves when it comes to refillable gin, as the festive season draws in upon us, it got us thinking about how we can do more when it comes to sustainability in our stores.

It can be so easy to go overboard with Christmas decorations. Whilst decorating is a lot of people’s favourite seasonal tradition, statistics show that this time of year contributes to a lot of unnecessary waste and pollution.

So, we wanted to move down a more sustainable route in our stores that helped the earth without ruining the fun.

Sustainable Changes

We recently made the move towards more sustainable wrapping options in store by switching to biodegradable tissue paper and stickers. Using soy-based inks and acid-free paper, our new instore packaging is 100% compostable, recyclable, and made from recycled materials.

Small changes make a big difference, so we decided to make some changes when it came to our festive decorations.

Getting Creative

Take a closer look when you’re next in store and you’ll find that our decorations are actually made from outdated marketing materials.

Upcycling these materials means that we aren’t producing more waste in the course of our celebrations, nor are we spending money on decorations that we can easily make ourselves.

From an environmental perspective, upcycling our outdated materials helps us demonstrate our respect for the planet.

Rather than simply disposing of nature’s precious materials, we’re upcycling them to create something unique, fun and, most importantly, planet-friendly!

Try It Yourself

Fancy making some of your own decorations too? Try out some of the guides we used here and here.

We’re embracing the festive spirit of the season by working together to reduce, reuse and recycle. But what do you think of our decorations?

If you’re lucky enough to be able to visit one of our stores, take a snap and tag us by using @bullardsgin or use the hashtag #TheSpiritOfNorwich.

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